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Later on, during the chapters eleven–14, Nephi and accounts an eyesight off his own in which of numerous of the parts of Lehi’s fantasy try told me on let regarding one or two messengers: “the Heart of Lord” and a keen angel

[Web page 269] Abstract: Lehi’s fantasy from inside the step one Nephi 8 and you may Nephi’s relevant eyes inside 1 Nephi 11–fourteen contain of several provides pertaining to the fresh new biblical garden out-of Heaven, plus very plainly the brand new forest of lives. An almost reading of attributes of Lehi’s dream in white of one’s earliest Guide regarding Mormon text message shows further similarities so you can the newest biblical garden, indicating that the setting off Lehi’s dream is actually the garden off Paradise. However the distinctions are informative. They’re each other substantive enjoys absent from the biblical Eden and you will variations in the text always determine the characteristics. Some of the version have also are used in other ancient production profile. Because of these observations, the likelihood is the publication off Mormon presupposes a variant membership of backyard away from Paradise. It variation account models the backdrop having Lehi’s dream and also for almost every other records into the yard in the Guide off Mormon ourteennetwork indir.

“a forest, whose fruits are desirable to make that happy”; this new fruit is also called nice and very light (step 1 Nephi 8:10–12)

[Web page 270] “a lake of liquids … around the forest,” which have an effective “head” otherwise “head of the water feature” (step 1 Nephi 8:13–14, 17, 20, twenty six, 32)

“an effective strait step 1 and thin highway, which came along from the pole of metal” and you will “and therefore contributed (un)into the forest” (1 Nephi 8:20–23)

Any of these topographic possess was exhibited in different ways in the Nephi’s sight inside 1 Nephi 11–fourteen. For example, it seems because if there are two fountains for the Nephi’s sight, not just one. Nephi identifies among fountains as if they was basically either really around the tree or at least even coming from it, to possess the guy produces the rod out of metal resulted in this fountain, “or,” according to him, “with the tree away from lives.” That it water feature Nephi phone calls “the water feature out of living waters … which waters was a reflection of your own passion for Goodness” (step 1 Nephi ). The following fountain are said later on of the Nephi’s angelic publication: “Behold the newest water feature away from filthy drinking water and that thy dad watched; yea, possibly the river at which the guy spake; and deepness thereof would be the depths from heck” (step 1 Nephi ). Later on, Nephi affirms you to definitely Lehi got seen the dirty lake, but the undeniable fact that it actually was dirty was not region out-of Lehi’s explicit dysfunction (1 Nephi ).

This new direct topographic attributes of Lehi’s fantasy, once the filed inside the 1 Nephi 8, can be placed in buy of appearance as follows:

Some other topographic feature presented differently within the Nephi’s account is what stands between your forest therefore the higher and you may large building. Nephi makes reference to a beneficial “high,” “awful,” and you may “dreadful gulf” one to sets apart the fresh new wicked members of the nice and you may large building throughout the righteous some one nearby the tree of existence (step one Nephi ; ). That it gulf coast of florida is not clearly stated within the Lehi’s malfunction away from his dream (at the least in terms of which dysfunction is actually claimed by Nephi). Within his then need regarding his wish to their brothers, Nephi identifies so it gulf on filthy river (1 Nephi ).

When you look at the an excellent 1993 post, Corbin Volluz compared Lehi’s fantasy towards the backyard out of Heaven since explained in Genesis 2–step 3. 2 Based on Volluz, Nephi’s declaration one to “this new fairness away from Jesus performed also split the latest sinful in the righteous” (1 Nephi ) are connected with the clear presence of the newest “cherubim and an excellent fiery sword” place at the entrance towards garden from Eden (Genesis step three:24; Alma ; 42:2–3). step three Volluz including connects the fresh new “strait and you will slim path” out of Lehi’s fantasy into the “way of the latest tree regarding lifestyle” your cherubim guarded based on Genesis step three:twenty-four. 4 Volluz finishes your forest for the Lehi’s dream, hence Nephi calls the fresh new “tree regarding lifestyle,” is actually none other than new forest of lifestyle regarding the lawn away from Eden.

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